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What Is The KiSS ME™ Fresh Toothbrush?

The KiSS ME™ Fresh toothbrush is built around one of the world’s greatest inventions, the toothbrush. We simply made it better with a fresh, new approach for superb dental care. KiSS ME FRESH 3.1 multi-functional toothbrush product, is a first generation all-in-one manual oral dental care toothbrush, offering amazing value, convenience and simplicity for health-conscious consumers, at home, work and travel. Our product provides a fresh new approach with undeniable, function, fit, feel and features for daily oral wellness necessities... coined “ portable I-Brush smile make-up kit” for use at home or on the go.

Is The KiSS ME™Fresh Toothbrush safe for children?

Yes! KiSSME™ is an enjoyable and safe product for the whole family (children 7 years and older). Our product has a very comfortable kid-friendly handle that promotes gentle brushing motions, plus a dual refresh/rinse cup cover to keep you free from the worry of dirty bristles and the need of searching for a cup to rinse.

Is KiSS ME™ Toothbrush Safe for Seniors?

Yes, medically safe and enjoyed by Seniors. Many Seniors struggle with medical hand grip issues (arthritis, etc.). Now they can have more control with our contoured handle for easy grip, comfort and compact construction. Our organized all-in-one toothbrush solution eliminates the hassle and clutter while keeping the unit hygienic or many individuals facing hand grip issues. Our soft bristles help to clean gently and comfortably.

Do I Replace The Brush Head Or Get A Whole New Unit?

Our product is designed for long-term use (re-useable designer handle). The brush-head is disposable/recyclable and refillable — dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush at least every three months. Visit our shopping cart to order a replacement brush head.

How Do I Replace The Brush Head?

Our brush head applicator is designed to be used with all our units. To replace the brush head applicator, simply twist brush head applicator to the right to remove and reverse the step by inserting new brush head applicator and twist turn to the left … easy on and easy off!

What Type Of Batteries Are Required?

No batteries or electricity required. All our products are manual. Get that fresh, clean, just-brushed feeling every time!

Where Is KiSS ME™ Toothbrush Made?

Our product is proudly made in the USA with high quality recyclable materials including ADA accepted bristles.

Can I find it in the stores?

Since we have just recently launched the KiSS ME™ toothbrush, it currently available exclusively online. In the near future, we hope to offer KiSS ME™ Fresh at most major drug, food and specialty outlet stores. Presently, KiSS ME Fresh™ Toothbrush can be ordered from our website with free- shipping.

What is the difference between the (Essential Clear and Your Premium Select) Collections?

The important difference between the two units is material and colors used in the handle and rinse cup. Our Essential Clear unit has an opaque polypropylene handle while the Premium Select unit has a translucent polystyrene handle in jewel-toned colors, durable with a diamond polish finishing. All products are 100% self-contained to protect and limit the exposure to unwanted germs & bacteria. Our unique toothbrush head design and long-lasting Dupont nylon applicator allow users to brush with great ease and precision. 

What Toothbrush Size Works With Your Product?

KiSS ME™ Fresh Toothbrush accommodates "Your Choice of Toothpaste." Select your favorite brand from .80 oz to 1.03 oz trial size tube for travel or apply family size when brushing at home. If you have any questions regarding KiSS ME™ toothbrush, please contact our team to find out more. We are happy to give you additional information, so you can make an informed decision. KiSS ME™ Fresh, a smart investment for your overall daily oral wellness.